Young Jedi Adventures Animated Series Getting Spin-Off Books


The galaxy far, far away has been entertaining fans of all ages for decades now, showcasing a wide array of stories within the Star Wars universe. Later this year, that will include Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures, a series geared towards younger viewers that will be debuting on Disney Junior and Disney+ beginning on May 4th. The series will follow a crop of younglings being trained by Jedi Master Yoda — and apparently, their antics will span into books. On Thursday, alongside the Young Jedi Adventures release date, Star Wars unveiled a number of tie-in books spinning out of the series.

What is Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures about?

The first full-length animated Star Wars series created for preschoolers, early grade schoolers, and their families, these original stories will follow Younglings as they are swept off into adventures, and start their journeys on the path to becoming Jedi Knights, learning valuable skills for our galaxy and the galaxy far, far away. The Jedi-in-training will tackle topics of compassion, self-discipline, teamwork, patience, and friendship.

This is the second Star Wars television series to be set during the High Republic era, with the upcoming live-action drama series Star Wars: The Acolyte billed as a thriller set in the final days of that era.

Is Yoda in Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures?

While announcing the series live at Star Wars Celebration last year, the creative team revealed that Yoda — whose early years have begun to be chronicled across the High Republic era material — will be making an appearance in the series.

“This show centers on a group of Younglings who, their entire life, they’ve grown up in the Jedi temple on Coruscant,” executive producer and showrunner Michael Olson revealed during the Celebration announcement. “And Master Yoda realizes that it’s time for them to get some real life experience out in the field, putting their Jedi lessons into practice. So he sends them into different outpost temples in the Outer Rim, and together, they go on adventures saving the day and helping other people.”

This is the second Star Wars television series to be set during the High Republic era, with the upcoming Disney+ drama series Star Wars: The Acolyte billed as a thriller set in the final days of that era. 

Will you be tuning in to Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures? What do you think of these new tie-in books? Keep scrolling to check them out, and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Young Jedi Adventures: Jedi Training

(Photo: Star Wars)

Join youngling Kai Brightstar and his best friends, Lys and Nubs, on Tenoo as they learn the way of the Force and train to become Jedi Knights! Featuring concept art that inspired the style for the series and filled with empowering messages about teamwork and the importance of helping others, young readers will find the adventure and heart they can only get in a galaxy far, far away.

On Sale: May 2, 2023


Young Jedi Adventures: My First Comic Reader Level 1

(Photo: Star Wars)

A collection of adventurous original short stories starring Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs featuring Master Zia, Taborr, and Yoda. Star Wars: My First Comic Readers are easy-to-read comic books that introduce young fans to graphic novels with simple text, accessible layouts, and clear storylines.

On Sale: June 2023


Get Well, Nubs

(Photo: Star Wars)

When the youngling Nubs wakes up sick, his Jedi-in- training friends Kai Brightstar and Lys Solay must search for a special leaf that will cure his ills in time for him to join a field trip he’d been looking forward to.

On Sale: July 25, 2023


Yoda’s Mission: World of Reading Level 1 Reader

(Photo: Star Wars)

Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs are sent on a special mission for Master Yoda! When the pirate Taborr steals Kai’s lightsaber, Kai has to decide between losing his lightsaber forever or finishing the mission before it’s too late.

On Sale: September 5, 2023


The Young Jedi: World of Reading Level 1 Reader

(Photo: Star Wars)

Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs are younglings training to be Jedi Knights. Master Yoda sends them to an outpost temple on the planet of Tenoo. But before they reach the new temple, they have to learn how to work together to stop some greedy pirates!

On Sale: September 5, 2023



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