PlayStation Teases God of War Ragnarok Appearance at Super Bowl


God of War Ragnarok will have some sort of presence at this year’s Super Bowl, PlayStation has teased. Hints that this would be the case were shared this week on social media with PlayStation suggesting that we’d see “Fimbulwinter at the big game” alongside a brief video of Mjolnir sitting in the middle of what we presume is supposed to be the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. No specific time was given for when these teases will come to fruition.

The teasers were shared on places like Facebook and Instagram with one of them seen below. It’s mostly just references to the game and therefore doesn’t have much to decipher if you’re trying to figure out what might be planned for the event.

As for what that might be, there are a number of possibilities. The biggest and grandest of those is that PlayStation will be teasing something new in the God of War universe be it a spin-off, DLC, or, most unbelievable of all, a new game. Considering how recent God of War Ragnarok was, none of those ideas seem very probable at all. There’s also a God of War TV show in the works that’s supposedly going to start at the Norse saga, but seeing how we haven’t heard much about the series at all, it’s similarly unlikely it’ll be a focus of whatever’s being shown on Sunday.

Some have speculated that New Game+ mode may be part of this announcement, but paying for a Super Bowl ad for that seems like an awfully big effort for something where a tweet would’ve sufficed. The most underwhelming and most likely outcome is that we’ll just get an ad for the game. Yes, it’s already been out for a while, but it’s been a huge game for Sony, and putting it in front of that many people at the Super Bowl may catch some stragglers who hadn’t yet given it a try.

The Super Bowl starts at 4:30 p.m. PT on Sunday, February 12th, so tune in then if  you want to see what PlayStation has planned for the event.


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