Penn Badgely Addresses Reed Richards Casting Rumors


Fantastic Four fan-cast favorite Penn Badgely just responded to all those Reed Richards casting rumors that have been floating around. Happy, Sad Confused podcast host Josh Horowitz spoke to the Netflix star about the new season of You. But, you know the press can’t let you go without asking a Marvel question. Especially, if you are involved in one of the biggest storylines for Marvel in the last 12 months. Multiple sources have repeated a ton of names in play for the Fantastic Four character. A while back, Badgely was at the top of the list. Now, he’s saying that he can’t speak to that and he has no idea whether or not he’s ever met Kevin Feige before. It’s all a bit bizarre as Andrew Garfield has ushered us into a world where everyone suspects these stars are lying to the fans at every turn.

“Well… No, I can’t reveal that. Neither confirm nor deny,” he said. “No, I don’t know what to say about that.” When pressed about whether or not he’d ever met Kevin Feige, the actor responded with a demure answer. “No. You know, it’s possibly that I have, but not in this context. I might have met him years ago and I wouldn’t, you know, I’m not sure,” Badgely pondered. 

What’s Going On With Fantastic Four?’s Chris Killian spoke to the MCU movie’s director recently and Matt Shakman had a lot to say about the tone of a story surrounding Marvel’s First Family. Of course, we had to ask about the casting situation as well. The filmmaker didn’t reveal the exact names, but he’s clearly very excited to be back in the Marvel fold for an incredibly important project.

“There are a lot out there, man. They really are. It’s pretty crazy. As I learned from WandaVision, too, it is so lovely to see the level of engagement that fans have with this material, because I’m a fan too, and I have been reading Fantastic Four since I was a kid,” Shakman told us. “I love these characters. I love the chance that we have to bring them to the MCU and I really want to get it right and I know that everybody out there is really excited and feels passionate in the same way wanting to get it right. And so I encourage it. I think it’s great. But yeah, I have no early answers for anyone today about casting.”

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