Hogwarts Legacy VR Gameplay Revealed by Modders


The new Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy is already getting the virtual reality treatment with Flat2VR revealing this week our first look at the game running in a virtual reality environment. The modders showed off roughly 10 minutes of gameplay wherein a Hogwarts student roamed the hallways of the institution from a first-person perspective while interacting with other characters and objects in and out of the halls. No release date for this mod was shared at the time the video was shown off.

The mod in question is created by Praydog, a modder who’s added virtual reality functionality to Resident Evil games in the past. Flat2VR, a modding community focused on putting VR in games, hosted the video below on its YouTube channel to show what Hogwarts Legacy looks like from that perspective.

It’s a bit shaky as one might expect from a VR game, but at a glance, it’s pretty impressive to see a game like this running from a VR perspective. It’s even more so impressive considering the fact that Hogwarts Legacy technically isn’t even out yet seeing how those who are playing now are doing so because they bought the version that granted them early access to the game.

No indication as to when this mod will be released to the public was shared in the gameplay video, but as one might expect, you should only look forward to getting this mod if you’re playing on the PC and have VR gear to support this feature. Even if you don’t, it’s still neat to see what a Harry Potter game could look like in VR.

As for the Harry Potter game itself, Hogwarts Legacy is already putting up stellar numbers both in terms of sales and how often it’s being viewed on Twitch, too, and that’s again before the game has officially been released. It’ll be fully out on Friday, February 10th, and when it’s out, be sure to check out our tips for the game below as well as our full coverage here to help get you started.


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