Crocs Are Coming to Minecraft


Crocs are coming to Minecraft and Minecraft is coming to Crocs, Xbox and the footwear company announced this week. The two have partnered up to put the holey shoes into Minecraft as cosmetic items for players to wear, and Crocs themselves will also soon be sold in Minecraft variants featuring colors and designs from the blocky builder game. The collab is scheduled to get underway on February 16th with the two companies providing details already on what we can expect from that.

The Crocs company and Xbox are treating this collab like quite the limited-time occasion with a sign-up page open now for this drop as well as future drops. According to a press release about the collab between the two brands, the crossover will consist of four different pairs of real-life Crocs for people to buy, a couple of themed Jibbitz charms to use with your Crocs, a pair of slides, and for Minecraft players, a pair of in-game footwear that you can use to customize your character. The latter can be seen below courtesy of the Minecraft account where it showed off what these will look like in-game.

As Crocs enthusiasts might’ve hoped, it sure looks like you can flip the strap back and forth on your Crocs in Minecraft to engage sport mode if you need to bustle about the Overworld and get to building in a hurry. Xbox said that these in-game Crocs will be a free download for players to use, though the details on how or when they’ll be available haven’t been shared yet beyond knowing that the collab itself starts on February 16th.

Minecraft is big on crossovers with different brands be they games, TV shows, or really anything else that might work in the world, so even though Crocs aren’t the most likely suspect for a thing like this, it’s still hardly surprising that it’s happening. If anything, it’s more surprising that it’s taken this long to get a pair or two of Minecraft-themed Crocs.

The first drop in this collab will happen on February 16th, so sign up now if you want to be involved.


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