Black Clover Just Earned the Best Anime Easter Egg of 2023


Black Clover may be keeping its head down with its anime, but that doesn’t mean Asta is overlooking the bustling industry. It won’t be long until the wizard returns to the screen thanks to Black Clover’s first movie, and that is on everyone’s mind right now. The wait for Black Clover has been long, and now, one popular anime has taken it upon itself to give Asta the best anime easter egg imaginable.

The whole thing went live this week in Kubo-san Won’t Let Me Be Invisible. The episode checked in on all our favorite characters, and one scene showed Nagisa watching television. It turns out she is watching a fictional in-show title named Sword x Magic… and its main hero sounds very familiar.

And why is that? Well, the fantastical anime features Gakuto Kajiwara as its main actor. The man voices Asta in Black Clover, and he was brought in to sell Kubo’s parody. After alll, the MC of Sword x Magic talks similarly to Asia, and they go on and on about never surrendering. So obviously, this hero has caught the same bug Asta did, and it turned them into stubborn shonen heroes.

Over on social media, the director behind Kubo-san addressed the parody, and they said they were honored to have Kajiwara take part. The creator was too impatient for Black Clover’s movie to hear the actor tackle Asta again, so he hopes this easter egg can satiate fans until the film’s big premiere.

After all, Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King is slated to debut on March 31st in Japan. This movie will mark the first new anime we’ve gotten from the IP since its TV series wrapped in March 2021. Obviously, the wait has been excruciating for fans, but they are eager to see what creator Yuki Tabata cooked up for this original movie. And of course, the manga is releasing weekly updates as its final act is in full swing.

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